Art Feedback and Mentorship


I'm hosting it over on my Patreon, click on this link to choose a tier which best suits your needs.

After subscribing, follow these guidelines to send me your artwork, and i will send you a 15-20 minute video feedback in a few days. You can also send multiple studies for me to feedback in the same video.

1. Email me your photo as an attachment to

2. Please put in the subject line of your email "Your Patreon Name" - "Month" "Tier", for example "Dominik Zdenkovic - February Feedback 2x". Patreon name makes it easier to track since some of you have different emails.

3. Please give me some background information about your painting. What was your goal? What challenges did you have? The more info you provide the better I can help you improve.

4. I have enabled charge upfront, so you can send your critique as soon as you sign up. Please note that I am not able to give you your critique until your payment has been cleared by the Patreon system. Thanks for your understanding.

5. Please submit only the amount of paintings that belong to your tier, and please do so during the current month. If you are in a tier with multiple feedbacks per month, you can send separate emails throughout the month, or lump it all together in one, up to you.

6. I will reply that I got your email as soon as I see it. If I don't reply in a few days, please send it again as it might have ended up in spam or something went wrong. 

7. I will provide the critiques in the order I receive the painting submissions.

I'm looking forward to seeing your artworks and helping you improve faster!